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TiLite evolved from the simple idea of developing a superior class of manual wheelchairs that would combine orthoses-like customization with the most advanced materials.  We believed that these attributes would help users remain independent longer, experience reduced body stress, and incur fewer posture-related problems.  The flagship model was the TiLite “CrossSport”.  Radically different from other designs, it was an immediate success.  Since that first chair was designed over a decade ago, TiLite has developed a full range of titanium and aluminum wheelchairs that cater to the unique requirements of each user.  It is our goal that each new design further advances the performance function and style of manual mobility.


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TiliteThe Challenge.

Published research on long-term manual wheelchair propulsion has shown that manual wheelchair use causes deterioration of theupper extremity joints, particularly shoulders and wrists. The Preservation of Upper Limb Function Clinical Practice Guideline, published in 2005 by the consortium for Spinal Cord Medicine, concludes that reducing wheelchair weight and optimizing drive wheel position are critical elements to reducing these serious problems. The heavy, modular wheelchair designs offered today by most wheelchair companies are engineered to satisfy manufacturing efficiencies; not to satisfy user needs.  The incorporation of advanced materials such as titanium and aircraft grade aluminum, in combination with custom designs, makes TiLite wheelchairs the best choice for prolonging independence and reducing pain and injury to the shoulder, wrist and hand.

The Product.

TiLite has chosen two different materials for their state-of-the-art designs.  Titanium, for its superior strength, durability and ability to dampen vibration, and 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum to ensure that every user has the opportunity to experience The Ultimate Ride, regardless of funding situation.  TiLite chose materials that would best facilitate the wheelchair user’s needs in a modern day wheelchair.  Here’s why:

  • [Light Weight; Super Strong] Most metals are heavy or weak.  Titanium is light and strong.  In fact, TiLite titanium is 50% lighter than steel and significantly stronger than other frame materials.   This means that TiLite wheelchairs weigh less, resulting in reduced joint stress and increased portability.  At the same time, titanium’s superior strength and the quality of 6061-T6 Aluminum will keep your TiLite rolling long into the future.
  • [Smooth Ride]  Most metals vibrate.  Titanium absorbs vibration.  This means TiLite titanium wheelchairs offer the smoothest, most comfortable ride of any wheelchair available.
  • [Durability]  Most metals rust.  Titanium doesn’t – this means your titanium chair will last longer than others.  And, if you choose our satin or polished finish, your chair will always maintain a new, fresh look.  6061-T6 Aluminum also exceeds industry standards for strength and durability.

It is this unique combination of attributes that make each TiLite wheelchair The Ultimate Ride!


TiLite wheelchairs are designed by engineers who use wheelchairs.   A TiLite wheelchair is hand crafted by our Titanium Experts exactly to the user’s unique dimensions – like orthoses.  Therapists can prescribe a TiLite wheelchair with the confidence of knowing that the successful outcome of the rehab process will be enhanced through the properly fit and manufactured TiLite wheelchair.  Design input is also critical to the increased functionality of TiLite products. Feedback and design criteria come from customer and therapist suggestions, which help make TiLite wheelchairs the brand of choice by wheelchair users throughout the world.


We set no limits on TiLite quality. TiLite has more than 20 years’ experience manufacturing titanium wheelchairs.  Our Titanium Experts meticulously hand craft each TiLite wheelchair. This requires that we constantly put our own methods to the test and make critical appraisals of our own work. For TiLite this voluntary self-monitoring is essential for our products and our production methods to remain state of the art.

The Future.

Each TiLite wheelchair already represents the future in wheeled mobility, at least for now.  TiLite’s engineers continually search for new, lighter-weight materials that have the potential to improve upon TiLite’s ground-breaking designs.  We also continually dream about new products and ways to cost-effectively manufacture wheelchairs and accessories that better fit the unique needs of each TiLite customer.   The bottom line is mobility.  At TiLite, we will never stop looking for ways to improve it.

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